Welcome to our website!  Stanton's International Wine Tasting Association (SIWTA) was founded in 2007 for high class people around the world that all share a great love for wine and wine tasting events.  Stanton's International Wine Tasting Association hosts hundreds of events a year around the world.  This membership is available to people worldwide.  If you love wine, socializing, and meeting new professional people then sign up for a membership.

SIWTA Members have the privilege of attending ALL SIWTA events worldwide for FREE.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Stanton's International Wine Tasting Association, please click on the  "Become a Member" link, fill out the form and pay your fee.  The membership cost per person is $149/year. 

Membership benefits include:
*FREE admission to all events during your membership year (worldwide)
*Gift package mailed to your home for signing up
*Invitation and admission to SIWTA annual Open House Held in the founders home in Louisiana
*Invitation and admission to SIWTA annual ball held in New Orleans, LA
*Member only wine tasting events
*Weekly emails and information
*Membership card and package
*and Many Other special offers and events!

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